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We use drones to capture aerial images which greatly accelerate and simplify surveys for land management and planning. Data provided by us is used for site scouting, allotment planning, construction of roads, buildings and utilities. High resolution orthophotos enable surveyors to perform highly-accurate distance, surface measurements and delineating cadastral property boundaries. Data collected using drones help to examine the existing social and environmental conditions for Land revenue planning.

We provide a broad range of Digital Land Surveying and aerial Mapping Services from smart city survey, Powerplants, Road, Bridges & Highways survey to Pipeline and canal route studies, Site plan preparations, Reservoir studies using drone and DGPS. Our services includes:

  • Aerial Photogrammetric Surveys & Mapping
  • Smart city survey for planning
  • 3D Mapping
  • Topographic survey and contouring
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Digitization of plans and maps
  • Road, Bridges, Tunnels & Heritage Building Surveys

`The choice of software and drone type depends on the specific requirements of the surveying project, including the size of the area, level of detail needed, desired accuracy, and environmental conditions.

Here are some Drone surveying software we use

hexacopters drone

Multirotor Drones

Quadcopters (Nyx Electric Quadcopter) and Hexacopters (Acecore Noa Hexacopter) are commonly used for drone surveying due to their agility, stability, and ease of use. They are suitable for capturing high-resolution imagery, conducting inspections, and flying in confined spaces.

fixed-wing drone

Fixed-Wing Drones

Fixed-wing drones are used to resemble airplanes and are ideal for large-scale mapping and surveying projects. They can cover larger areas in a single flight, have longer flight times, and are more suitable for topographic surveys or agricultural mapping.

VTOL drone

VTOL Drones

VTOL drones are versatile and useful for projects that require both vertical and horizontal flight capabilities.


LiDAR Drones

LiDAR drones are equipped with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors that emit laser pulses to measure distances and create highly accurate 3D point clouds of the surveyed area. LiDAR drones are commonly used for terrain mapping, elevation modeling, and vegetation analysis.

Here are some Drone surveying software we use

Photogrammetry Software:  We use Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, and DroneDeploy software to process the images captured by the drone’s onboard camera and create accurate 3D models, orthomosaic maps, and point clouds.

GIS Software: We use Global Mapper, ArcGIS, and QGIS to analyze and manage spatial data collected during drone surveys. It helps in mapping, visualizing, and analyzing the survey data in conjunction with other geographic data layers.

CAD/Revit Software: We use software like Revit, AutoCAD to create detailed engineering drawings, models, and plans based on the data collected from drone surveys. CAD software allows engineers and designers to interpret the survey data and integrate it into their design processes.

Inspection Software: Drone Harmony, DroneMapper, and PrecisionHawk are the software we use to analyze and interpret the data collected by drones. This software helps in identifying anomalies, defects, or damages in structures, such as bridges or power plants.

Drone-Surveying (1)
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