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4D 5D Modeling

BIM BOSS Team provides 4D/5D modeling services. 4D incorporates the time factor by linking the construction schedule to the building information model. Using graphical representation to understand time-based manners can help to foresee conflicts and study alternative options. The fifth dimension (5D) is cost; a 5D estimate provides a construction cost estimate through material quantities that are automatically generated from the data within the model. 4D/5D modeling is a great solution for complex site logistics, installation phasing visualization, and cost estimating.

Sequences of model construction now include scheduling information thanks to 4D BIM. The project team can more clearly picture how the construction will be done by including a time dimension.

4D BIM was a huge step forward for the AEC industry when first made possible through the use of new modelling tools – it demonstrated collaboration between the design and construction team using coordination and sharing of 3D models.

In general, 5D BIM is seen as enhancing a model with cost data.  It is advisable to clearly outline these particular criteria while talking about 5D BIM.  As an example, Is the team expected to cover operating or capital costs? Are these figures supposed to be records of as-built costs or pre-tender estimates? Who is in charge of including this information? Which measurement technique is to be applied?

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