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Fire vs Ducting
Fire vs Steel
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Mech vs Steel
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Water Supply vs Fire
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Water Supply vs Mechanical
Our Methods:

Clash Detection

Clash detection allows for an effective documentation, review and reporting of interference between all individual disciplines.

We offer high quality BIM clash detection services, coordinated MEP installation drawings etc. to our clients. Our core mission is to provide error free, accurate and coordinated collision free BIM Models.

We have expertise of working on AutoDESKNavisworks through which we extract Clash reports to determine the number of clashes that are visible in the BIM Model. With the advent of interference check processes client can save time, money and other critical resources. Client would actually go through terrible and high losses owing to direct construction from the construction drawings. After construction one would realize that there are multiple interferences, collisions and Design errors.

We provide clash detection services and report generation services for each model – highlighting the number & types of clashes, and the details of each clash location among different trades/disciplines- Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, and other building management systems.

For the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) projects, our Autodesk Navisworks based clash detection services find transdisciplinary conflicts or interferences. According to the specifications of the client, we produce clash reports that list conflicts between the two items and their locations and classify.

Our expertise and experience in BIM clash detection have trained us with the ability to detect the critical conflicts that are deemed to have a major impact on cost and time during the on-site construction. General contractors, sub-contractors, construction management companies, and owners can use our clash detection services to make strategic decisions for any design changes or change orders.

Water Supply vs Mechanical

BIM BOSS is Expert in the following BIM Support Services:

  • BIM Clash detection Services
  • Pre-construction Interference checks
  • Design validation and corrections
  • Interdisciplinary interference checks
  • Revit MEP BIM co-ordination modeling
  • Interference check reports using Navisworks
  • Creatingcoordinated standard compliant Revit 3d model
  • Creatingcoordinated MEP Installation drawings
  • MEP BIM Co-ordination drawings