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2D to 3D/BIM Conversion:


BIM BOSS offers 2D to 3D conversion services. We take the drawings set, either in paper or electronic format, and develop the corresponding 3D model at the required level of detail. Digitizing as-built records of the existing facilities presents huge opportunities to the owner for development in space management, renovation planning, and maintenance tasks as well as contractors for construction. We offer the model in different layouts and software platforms (e.g. Revit, ) that suits project wants and useful for project team.

Our Plumbing BIM service offers a sleek and uncomplicated working process that unites the every discipline involved leads to simple service for our valuable clients.

BIM BOSS has every timedelivered the services for the advantage of customers that helps to create some amazing and efficient plumbing solution. Ourbenefits are numerous that naturally attract the customers but we are not really limited to attraction only.

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