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2D to 3D/BIM Conversion:

BIM Modeling Services

BIM BOSS offers 2D to 3D conversion services and BIM Modeling services in USA, UK, India and worldwide. We take the drawings set, either in paper or electronic format, and develop the corresponding 3D model at the required level of detail. With BIM Modeling, Digitizing as-built records of the existing facilities presents huge opportunities to the owner for development in space management, renovation planning, and maintenance tasks as well as contractors for construction. We offer the model in different layouts and software platforms (e.g. Revit, ) that suits project wants and useful for project team.

Building information modelling (BIM) is a modern method for designing and documenting different kinds of construction projects. It is an intelligent digital picture of a facility’s structural and operational details.

With our BIM Modeling services, fulfil our commitment to provide efficient scheduling, improved clash detection and coordination, visualizations, walkthrough creations, etc., all of which enhance team coordination and ensure safety. You can create estimates, conduct analyses, address issues with material wastage, etc., using our data-driven approach, and consistently execute high-quality projects to add value for your clients. We provide BIM Modeling services in USA, UK, India and worldwide with custom client requirement about BIM project.

Now designers, installers, and cost consultants have the ability to obtain a full perspective of the actual components of a construction project thanks to the advancement of software from traditional to advanced BIM technology. It provides architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to plan, design, build, and maintain infrastructure. Therefore BIM is a logical extension of Design Management Services (DMS).

BIM-service 2

Why Choose Us:

  • BIM Designing according to specifications outlined by clients
  • Flexible approach
  • Cheaper option in estimation/quotation
  • Clash-free and streamlined installation of MEP systems
  • Global reach
  • Usage of leading BIM tools
  • Our tools help to increase the productivity by minimizing the errors
  • Modern workflow
  • Level of detailing is as per the international codes
  • Constructability review