Major Structural BIM services offer by BIM BOSS:

Structural Design

  • Structural CAD Services
  • Structural Drafting Services
  • Structural Beam Calculation
  • Structural Shop Drawings Fabrication
  • Structural 2D BIM Drawings
  • Structural 3D BIM Drawings
  • Structural 4D BIM Drawings
  • Structural 5D BIM Drawings
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Structural Beam Design Calculations
  • Structural CAD Drawings

Structural BIM service is one of the primary and important part in the life cycle of a construction process. Structural BIM includes the designing and detailing of structural elements that forms an main part of designing and construction that goes on with other trades. BIM BOSS provides absolute Structural BIM Service that will accelerates comprehensive design analysis and evaluation that leads to flexibility in management of Structural BIM. We support our clients in conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects maintaining international standards in quality and helping our clients reduce project schedules as well as ensure cost effectiveness.


Preliminary Structural Designs / Drawings:

  • Evaluation and selection of primary structural systems
  • Preliminary foundation layout
  • Preliminary analysis, establishing critical member sizes for preliminary elements
  • Primary framing drawings, with sizes of primary members only and indicative structural
  • connection types
  • Preliminary assessment of floor vibration and building movement
  • Identify high risk / cost elements in structure
  • Preliminary input to Architect on architectural elements
  • Value Engineering

Detailed Structural Designs / Drawings:

  • Design basis and detailed structural analysis
  • Final Design of all primary and secondary structural elements
  • Drawings defining all structural elements, including plans, elevations, sections and details with adequate cross-referencing
  • Drawings of secondary framing members (stairs, canopies, platforms, walls, etc.)
  • Design of connection details or specifying connection forces
  • Construction sequences and positions of control / construction joints
  • Reinforcing details and bill of materials (if requirement)

Designs / Drawings for Building Foundation systems:

  • Isolated footings
  • Combined footings
  • Pile and caisson, Raft/Mat foundation

Our team of expert professionals is access to latest software that allows them to explore the novel and original ideas. We have adopted the systematic and organized mode of working that coordinates the every discipline within a given project.


Why Us:

  • Clear and Direct client communication.
  • Efficient Construction
  • Revision and design modifications are also available.
  • Detailed performance analysis.
  • Clear coordination between teams.
  • Cost savings
  • Safer Designs
  • Clarity in future visions for the clients.

If you are looking for an experienced Structural BIM services, then BIM BOSS is right place to peep in. We understand your dreams and requirement and provide accordingly.