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Mechanical Design

We have an expertise in functioning at every area of BIM that includes one of the major subcategories of Mechanical Engineering i.e. HVAC BIM Services. BIM is one of the strategic business initiative taken by BIM BOSS who holds this service that best known for its feasibility and reliability throughout the AEC projects in different areas.

We offer end to end HVAC service i.e. Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning that covers the full range of HVAC BIM Services that is completely cover the requirements of Contractors and project managers in commercial, Industrial and residential sectors.

BIM BOSS will always be the first choice for accepting the BIM services as we provide the easy to access and comprehensive facility. We offer umpteen number of advantages which hard to find amongst our contemporaries. It is our assurance to make our client experience the innovative, creative and qualitative service.

Why Us:

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